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Unique Ways to Add Color to a White Kitchen Design

White kitchen design has long been a top choice for interior designers and home remodelers. While this look will always be chic and timeless, you may find yourself longing to add a bit of panache to your monotone color palette. Whether you’re looking to incorporate small colored details to add some charm or you’re ready to take on a full kitchen remodel with blue kitchen cabinets, here are some fun and fresh ways to integrate colors into any style kitchen design!

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9 Ways to Make the Most of a Small Bathroom Remodel

Older homes or smaller ones tend to cut corners on bathroom floorspace to allow more room for bedrooms and living areas. Does this mean you are limited in your options for achieving wonderful things with a bathroom remodel? No! Just like great things come in small packages, here are 9 ways to make the most out of a small bathroom remodel.

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