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5 Ways to Create a Spa Style Bathroom Design

Everyone needs a little boost in January, as the days are still short and the weather cold. A trip to the spa would be perfect, wouldn’t it? What if the spa were in your own home, so you could get that relaxing retreat without having to go outside your door? This may sound too good to be true, but it is a very achievable goal with the right bathroom design.

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Find your Perfect Kitchen Floor

Which element of a kitchen design catches your eye first? Is it the kitchen cabinets, backsplash, or countertop? What about the kitchen floor? This surface covers the entire area of the room and is critical to the style and functioning of the space. Your kitchen floor is the glue that pulls your design together, and must withstand heavy foot traffic, moisture and food spills, and much more.

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How to Select Bathroom Flooring

Bathroom flooring is expected to look stylish and complement your bathroom design. At the same time, it must withstand high levels of foot traffic, moisture, and dirt, all while remaining easy to clean and highly durable. It’s no wonder selecting the right floor for your bathroom renovation is a daunting task.

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Design Your Kitchen for Entertaining

With the holidays quickly approaching, many people are hosting parties and welcoming guests into their homes. Decorating and preparing special treats are a great way to get in the holiday spirit at this time of year. Did you realize your kitchen design can also play an important role in making your guests feel welcome and you more relaxed when entertaining? There are many ways to design your kitchen to make entertaining not only easier, but also more enjoyable.

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Inspiring Lighting Ideas for your Bathroom Design

Planning a new bathroom is exciting! There are so many products to choose from, and a bathroom renovation is the ideal time to get that extra-large shower you always wanted or a freestanding vanity with plenty of storage. Don’t forget to also include a well-thought out lighting design in your bathroom planning.

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Light up Your Kitchen Design

Kitchens are a diverse living area designed not just for cooking, but also for entertaining, dining, studying, and more. Kitchen designs have evolved to meet these requirements by incorporating layouts, specialized storage, and functional areas that allow a variety of people and activities to co-exist in the same space. A multi-functional room like this also requires a multi-layered lighting design. This ensures you have plenty of light to perform key tasks in different parts of the kitchen while also creating a warm environment for dining and entertaining.

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5 Questions to Help You Find the Perfect Vanity Cabinet

A vanity cabinet is the perfect addition to a bathroom remodeling project. They come in an array of styles to suit any home décor, and contain a treasure trove of storage designed to keep your new bathroom looking neat and tidy. For many people, a vanity cabinet is central to solving bathroom storage concerns, offering purpose built space for items you want hidden away but easily accessible. With so many options, how do you select the right one? Consider these 5 questions to help you get started.

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Accessorize your Kitchen Design with the Ideal Backsplash

A kitchen design is the perfect marriage of stylish and practical elements, and the backsplash is no exception. Just like jewelry and shoes coordinate with your clothes to complete an outfit, the backsplash accessorizes and complements other elements of your design. At the same time it performs the very practical function of protecting your kitchen wall from water, grease, and food splashes.

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6-Step Guide to Freestanding Tubs

Showers have taken center stage in today’s bathroom designs, with a variety of styles and sizes, and an array of options for showerheads, tile designs, and enclosures to suit any bathroom. Many people choose to forego a bathtub to make space for a larger shower. If your bathroom remodeling plans still include a bathtub, freestanding tubs are by far the most popular choice. Why is this? Freestanding tubs are as much about form as function, with styles ranging from antique claw foot tubs to sleek contemporary designs like the one shown here.

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The Big Picture in Kitchen Design

The kitchen is no longer a single purpose room, designed only to store and prepare food. Gone are the days when most homes had a separate dining room, family room, and formal living room. Today’s kitchens are typically a multi-functional space combining the traditional food-related activities with socializing, entertaining guests, homework, and much more. It tends to be one of the busiest rooms in the house and must accommodate numerous people at once. Open plan kitchens are more popular than ever as they allow for a flow between the kitchen, dining, and entertaining areas, and create a more sociable atmosphere centered on the kitchen.

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