Recessed Bathroom Design Storage Ideas

A bathroom remodel is the perfect time to assess your full bathroom storage requirements and develop a design that meets all these needs. In addition to standard vanity cabinet storage, consider including a recessed niche or cabinet that will offer handy storage without impacting on your bathroom footprint.

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Make a Bold Statement with Kitchen Lighting

There are endless ways to add personality to your kitchen remodel. You can inject your own style with colors, materials and art, but lighting is one of the best ways to make a statement.

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How to Get a Glamorous Bath Design

The bathroom is a functional place where we start and end our day, but this doesn’t mean it has to look boring. Why stick to a tired, bland bathroom design when you can bring Hollywood pizazz to your daily routine? Whether you’ve given other rooms in your house a fix of glamor, or just want to go to town on your master bath remodel, look no further than our tips on how to achieve a show-stopping bath design.

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Transform Your Kitchen Design with a New Backsplash!

The backsplash is a cost-effective way to completely change the look and feel of your space on its own, or to put a stamp on your kitchen design style as part of an overall kitchen remodel. From tile to stone to glass to metal, this stylish addition can add a uniquely personal touch or a splash of color to any kitchen design, while simultaneously protecting your walls from stains and heat.

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Kitchen Cabinet Details That Will Make You Say “Wow”

There are a lot of things you can do to enhance the value of your existing home. Certainly, you don’t only remodel to increase property value; sometimes you’re effecting a change simply because it’s time to update your style, or there is a necessary repair. That said, a remodeling project is a wise choice to help your investment in your home mature and getting details like kitchen cabinets just right can be very important.

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10 Ways to Add Personality to Your Kitchen Design

When designing a kitchen, functionality is important as your kitchen design is the hard-working center of the home. As you plan your kitchen remodel, don’t forget also to inject you and your family’s personalities into the space, otherwise you’ll have a show kitchen that lacks soul.

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What is Contemporary Bath Design?

Are you thinking about a bathroom remodel that will be sleek, stylish, and functional? Contemporary design could be exactly what you want. It differs from modern design in that it incorporates elements of popular styles culminating in a look that brings together comfort and sustainability.

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Incorporating Smart Technology into Your Kitchen Design

Whether you’re looking to enhance your existing kitchen design with some of the latest technology or are want to undertake a full kitchen renovation, this blog gives you a run down of some of our favorite kitchen gadgets and smart technologies.

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Why Choose an Open Shower Design?

No longer relegated to a small cubicle in the corner or a showerhead installed inside a bathtub enclosure, today’s shower can be as small or large as you are able to fit into your bathroom layout. The shower can be in a private, walled enclosure, combined with a bathtub, or surrounded by frameless glass to give an open, bright feel. Your shower could have a curtain, a sliding door, or a hinged glass door. Or, you could opt for an open shower design, removing the door altogether. Read on to find out more about open shower styles.

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Textures in Kitchen Design

There is a sizeable checklist when doing a kitchen remodel. Are you updating your kitchen cabinets or completely overhauling your kitchen layout by knocking down walls and creating an open plan kitchen design? After deciding on the practicalities, have fun choosing your color scheme and style which will make your kitchen design unique to you. For any size kitchen remodel, texture is a vital part of the end product as it stimulates both the visual and tactile senses and makes or breaks the personality of your kitchen design.

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