From Coffee Bars to Wine Storage

Kitchen designs have become larger, multi-purpose spaces that take on a central role in the home and family life. As more activity takes place in the kitchen, the design, layout, and workflow of this space is more important than ever. This is why so many kitchen are now organized according to work zones, with perhaps a food preparation, cooking, baking, dining, study, and even pet zones. Each area has a specific purpose around which it is organized, and all zones fit together in the overall kitchen layout to work in harmony. What about a beverage zone?

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5 Simple Shower Storage Solutions

When planning your ideal shower design, make sure you include storage for those toiletries that need to be readily available. Forget about the old-fashioned hanging wire racks you buy in any hardware store. Shower storage is now sleek, customized, and built into your shower so it is an integral part of the design.

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Select the Ideal Sink for Your Kitchen Design

Kitchen sinks are all the same, right? No! From hand washing to food preparation to pot cleaning, the sink you choose for your kitchen design must be able to withstand constant use. Like any element of a kitchen remodel, the sink must also fit in with the overall style of the space, and in some cases even serve as a focal point that defines the style of the room. Here is our four-step guide to selecting the ideal kitchen sink to meet your kitchen’s practical and style requirements.

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Get Started with Choosing the Right Bathroom Sink

Bathroom sinks are a hard-working feature of any bathroom design, particularly in a busy master bath or kids’ bathroom. You spend a lot of time at the sink – washing hands, brushing teeth, shaving, and much more. Yet, they are more than just a functional requirement for a bathroom renovation. Sinks make a style statement, either by smoothly blending in to their surroundings or by standing out as a unique design feature.

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The Range Hood: Essential to Every Kitchen Design

The kitchen hood is an essential component of any kitchen design. Food is the heart of the kitchen, and cooking produces odors, moisture, smoke, and grease. These by-products of the kitchen process must be dealt with or they will affect the air quality of the room, the surrounding kitchen cabinets, and other surfaces. The hood serves the very practical purpose of ventilating these by-products to keep the kitchen clear while cooking.

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5 Steps to Choosing the Perfect Showerhead

When embarking on a bathroom renovation, there are many decisions to make from style to product selections to color scheme. Your choice of showerhead may not seem like the most important product consideration, but it greatly influences shower quality. Showers have taken on a more prominent role in bathroom design, sometimes even replacing the bathtub. Our 5-step guide will help you choose the ideal fixture to get the most out of your shower.

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Reclaim Hidden Storage in Kitchen Cabinets

Does your kitchen have hidden recesses that swallow up utensils, dishes, and spice jars – just when you need to find them? These “black holes” in kitchen cabinets tend to occur in hard to access areas like corners or deep pantry shelves. Kitchen storage accessories form an important part of cabinet storage. A well-planned and executed kitchen design uses these accessories to turn underutilized spaces into valuable hidden treasures for kitchen storage. There are many ways to maximize your storage space and make sure every inch of your kitchen is put to good use. A kitchen remodeling specialist will work closely with you to understand your space, the functioning of your household, and your individual requirements for storage.

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5 Ways to Create a Spa Style Bathroom Design

Everyone needs a little boost in January, as the days are still short and the weather cold. A trip to the spa would be perfect, wouldn’t it? What if the spa were in your own home, so you could get that relaxing retreat without having to go outside your door? This may sound too good to be true, but it is a very achievable goal with the right bathroom design.

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Find your Perfect Kitchen Floor

Which element of a kitchen design catches your eye first? Is it the kitchen cabinets, backsplash, or countertop? What about the kitchen floor? This surface covers the entire area of the room and is critical to the style and functioning of the space. Your kitchen floor is the glue that pulls your design together, and must withstand heavy foot traffic, moisture and food spills, and much more.

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How to Select Bathroom Flooring

Bathroom flooring is expected to look stylish and complement your bathroom design. At the same time, it must withstand high levels of foot traffic, moisture, and dirt, all while remaining easy to clean and highly durable. It’s no wonder selecting the right floor for your bathroom renovation is a daunting task.

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