Select the Ideal Sink for Your Kitchen Design

Kitchen sinks are all the same, right? No! From hand washing to food preparation to pot cleaning, the sink you choose for your kitchen design must be able to withstand constant use. Like any element of a kitchen remodel, the sink must also fit in with the overall style of the space, and in some cases even serve as a focal point that defines the style of the room. Here is our four-step guide to selecting the ideal kitchen sink to meet your kitchen’s practical and style requirements.

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The Range Hood: Essential to Every Kitchen Design

The kitchen hood is an essential component of any kitchen design. Food is the heart of the kitchen, and cooking produces odors, moisture, smoke, and grease. These by-products of the kitchen process must be dealt with or they will affect the air quality of the room, the surrounding kitchen cabinets, and other surfaces. The hood serves the very practical purpose of ventilating these by-products to keep the kitchen clear while cooking.

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