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Accessorize your Kitchen Design with the Ideal Backsplash

A kitchen design is the perfect marriage of stylish and practical elements, and the backsplash is no exception. Just like jewelry and shoes coordinate with your clothes to complete an outfit, the backsplash accessorizes and complements other elements of your design. At the same time it performs the very practical function of protecting your kitchen wall from water, grease, and food splashes.

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6-Step Guide to Freestanding Tubs

Showers have taken center stage in today’s bathroom designs, with a variety of styles and sizes, and an array of options for showerheads, tile designs, and enclosures to suit any bathroom. Many people choose to forego a bathtub to make space for a larger shower. If your bathroom remodeling plans still include a bathtub, freestanding tubs are by far the most popular choice. Why is this? Freestanding tubs are as much about form as function, with styles ranging from antique claw foot tubs to sleek contemporary designs like the one shown here.

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