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Reclaim Hidden Storage in Kitchen Cabinets

Does your kitchen have hidden recesses that swallow up utensils, dishes, and spice jars – just when you need to find them? These “black holes” in kitchen cabinets tend to occur in hard to access areas like corners or deep pantry shelves. Kitchen storage accessories form an important part of cabinet storage. A well-planned and executed kitchen design uses these accessories to turn underutilized spaces into valuable hidden treasures for kitchen storage. There are many ways to maximize your storage space and make sure every inch of your kitchen is put to good use. A kitchen remodeling specialist will work closely with you to understand your space, the functioning of your household, and your individual requirements for storage.

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5 Ways to Create a Spa Style Bathroom Design

Everyone needs a little boost in January, as the days are still short and the weather cold. A trip to the spa would be perfect, wouldn’t it? What if the spa were in your own home, so you could get that relaxing retreat without having to go outside your door? This may sound too good to be true, but it is a very achievable goal with the right bathroom design.

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