There are many decisions involved in a bathroom remodeling project.  Should you opt for an extra-large shower and eliminate the bathtub?  How much storage do you need?  What style vanity cabinet do you want to include?  There are many facets to a bathroom renovation, and many of these choices are influenced by the size and style of your space, the type of bathroom and who will use it, your own personal tastes, and your available budget.

There is one element that cannot be left out of any bathroom design: the toilet! This design necessity is found in the smallest powder room or the largest master bath design.  Here are 6 things to consider when selecting a toilet for your new space:

Location, location, location

The toilet is a key part of the bathroom design layout.  Ideally, the toilet should be positioned in such a way that it is not immediately visible when the bathroom door is opened.  Depending on the style and size of your bathroom, you could also separate it by a door in an adjacent toilet room, or perhaps include a dividing wall to afford some privacy.  Another option is to use a vanity cabinet as a dividing wall and place the toilet next to it.

Bathroom design with separate toilet room
Bathroom design with toilet room

Plan your space

Like other bathroom fixtures, toilets have guidelines regarding the minimum distance they should be from a surrounding wall or other obstacles.  The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) recommends where possible to allow a minimum of 36” of space at the front of the toilet for greater comfort when sitting, but the minimum guideline is 24”.  Likewise, there should be no obstructions on either side, with a minimum of 15” space allowed at the sides.  Think about where the main door will swing, how the shower enclosure opens, and the space needed for opening vanity doors and drawers, and make sure they do not interfere with the clearance space around the toilet.

They are not all the same!

You might think all toilets are equal, but they are not.  There is a wide array of toilet styles, including one-piece, two-piece, tankless, and wall-mounted.  Two-piece toilets have a separate tank and bowl following a more traditional design, while one-piece have an integrated bowl and tank making them easier to clean.   Tankless styles conceal the tank behind the drywall, while wall-mounted toilets hang on the wall and do not touch the floor.  Both styles offer a sleek appearance and clear floor space, making it easier to clean around the toilet.  Check with your remodeling professional to make sure the installation requirements fit your space.

Hall bath design with two-piece toilet
Bath design with two-piece toilet

Find the right shape

Toilet bowls also come in different shapes.  These include rounded, elongated, or compact elongated.  While rounded take up less space, the elongated bowls are a more comfortable option for adults.

The highs and lows

Toilet heights differ, and the right height for your bathroom design depends on your individual household.  Standard height toilets are 15” high, with comfort height measuring at least 2” higher at 17-19”.  Comfort height make it easier for taller people or those with mobility issues to sit down and stand up, and are often ADA-compliant.  Standard height toilets may be better suited to a children’s bathroom design or one designed for use by people of different heights.

Water usage and flushing options

The average toilet is flushed about 2,000 times per year.  That’s a lot of water going down the drain!  Your choice of toilet can greatly influence how much water is used.  Modern toilets are generally more efficient with a better flushing mechanism, therefore using less water.  A water saving toilet is not only good for the environment, it can also reduce water usage and therefore help save you money.

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