A bathroom design serves several purposes in your home and for your family. Function is paramount to any bathroom, as this essential space is where you start and end your day. Your bathroom can also be a relaxing space with a style and accessories that fit with your home’s vibe.

The ultimate goal of a relaxing bathroom remodel is to achieve a space where you can unwind in comfortable, aesthetic surroundings.  Your specific requirements, enhanced with luxurious features, create a space where you can both invigorate and calm your mind, body, and senses. Whether you want a classic or modern look, here are some ideas to create a beautiful, individual, and relaxing bath design.

master bath design with large shower and freestanding tub

Prioritize Your Requirements at the Planning Stage.

When you sit down to plan your bathroom remodel, it helps to visualize the end result and work towards that as your goal. However, tackling the functional elements are paramount as they are what make your bathroom work beautifully, without clutter, dark corners, or cold floors.

A well-planned remodel takes care of every eventuality, caters to your family’s needs, and is easy to maintain, giving you more time to enjoy it. Look at your current layout and figure out if you can keep it or if you need to change it around. A bath design expert can help you maximize potential with the space you have and make sure everything complies with building regulations. If you decide to move plumbing and wiring it adds to your budget, so decide if the end justifies the means.

master bath design with double vanity and black accessories
Underfloor heating, custom storage, and lighting are just some things to be taken into account before work starts. Is a bath or shower more important to you? Perhaps you want both, or if space is limited a combination bath/shower? Are you thinking of selling your home in the near future or do you plan to stay? What do you need to store? Is your layout conducive to easy navigation with a natural flow throughout the room? Once all needs are catered for, you can think about the style you want for your bath design.

What Style Would Work in a Relaxing Bathroom Remodel?

Obviously, you want to incorporate your own taste into your bathroom design to make it unique and tie into the rest of your home’s interiors. You can go with one look or even draw on several styles to create an eclectic mix. The main thing to remember is to keep it pared back if you want to maintain relaxing vibes.

Choosing two structured styles results in a look like the new Japandi trend. The clean lines of Scandi interiors meet the grounding components of Japanese design, giving a well-balanced and calming feel. Different styles can come together harmoniously as long as you find the right balance. Go for patterned cement tiles with a white, spa-style bathroom, or introduce smart technology features to a vintage-inspired design. Taking elements of what you love brings personality and also comfort, as a relaxing space shouldn’t be sterile.

master bath design with blue vanity and gold accessories

Keep Clutter to a Minimum for a Stress-Free Design.

The only way to keep a bathroom design organized, calm, and low maintenance is to invest in tailor-made storage with accessories to hold everything you need to have in your clutter-free bathroom. Your bath design expert can work with you to plan custom storage that looks beautiful inside and out. Drawer dividers and pull-out racks are among many internal storage solutions to keep cabinet contents concealed and ordered. Outlets and charging stations can also be installed inside cabinetry for ultimate functionality with style.

This year’s handleless cabinets are perfect for a clutter-free bath design. Their streamlined look works hard behind the scenes to bring a polished sleekness on the outside to your bath remodel. Wall-mounted storage such as floating vanities, medicine cabinets and corner units provide more floor space.

Niche shelving is also ideal for a streamlined approach to store bathing essentials. Whatever you keep out on display should be in attractive packaging or containers to match the style of your bath remodel. Keep shelving contents curated, minimal and dust free, for a restful atmosphere.

bathroom design with beautiful storage niche

Keep Colors Calm.

Bath designs with vibrant colors and busy patterns can look amazing and complement your lifestyle and taste. If you’re trying to achieve a relaxing retreat, you need to tone down your color scheme without being boring. Here are a few ideas:

  • White is a classic and serene choice and beachy blues help us to unwind.
  • Beige, greige and browns emulate a luxury spa, especially with quality towels and candles.
  • Natural wood and stone give a feeling of being grounded and in touch with nature, especially when punctuated with plants.

The reflective quality of glass and ceramics let light bounce around to provide a welcoming brightness. Focus on warm textures and organic objects as you keep your color palette to a minimum.

master bath design with neutral color palette

Plan a Lighting Scheme for Every Occasion.

Lighting can be as practical or as moody as you want. If you include a layered lighting scheme in your bathroom design, there are options available to light whatever you are doing with style. Plan to let in as much natural light as possible with large windows or skylights. For extra help, include bright, task lighting over and around your mirrors, which should be as large as possible for the available space to reflect light and make your room seem larger. A back lit mirror creates the perfect dim lighting for a relaxed look. Think about what you would like to highlight and place spotlighting over it. Recessed lighting is a subtle touch in the ceiling or floor. Why not hang a large pendant light or a chandelier over your tub?

master bathroom with chandelier
Sensor lights turn on automatically when you enter the room, meaning you’re not fumbling for the light switch. All lights should be connected to dimmer switches or smart controls so you can set the perfect balance and easily change your light levels depending on what you need. Also, make sure that the materials and colors you choose look as good in both natural and artificial light. Once your bath design is well equipped with lighting options, you can mix and match for both busy mornings and indulgent evenings.

Welcome Technology into Your Relaxing Bath Design.

Don’t shy away from including smart technology in your zen bathroom design. The right choices can enhance certain aspects of your remodel and make it more inviting. Technology doesn’t have to mean giant screens and invasive speakers; you can start with a simple heated towel rail. Are your stone floors going to be chilly at times? Eradicate this with underfloor heating. Do you get annoyed when your mirror steams up? Why not go for an anti-misting model and you can get one that subtly transforms into a touch screen if you’re feeling adventurous.

If you’re in the tub, it would be more relaxing to have voice activated lighting and concealed speakers than having to get out to dim a lamp or change a song. The same could be possible as you stand in a luxurious steam shower with voice-controlled temperature and volume controls. Cables and outlets can be hidden in storage, so your bath design retains its organic feel. Bring 21st century advancements into your daily rituals for ultimate unwinding.

large luxury shower design

Make a Feature of Your Tub.

It makes sense that your relaxing bath remodel should focus on a fabulous, freestanding tub. Current trends see a rise in flat bottomed tubs that work well in a calm, streamlined design. Smaller sizes can still include features such as massage jets, as well as being space and water saving.

White works well but there are many alternatives. Copper, wood, natural stone and concrete are all stunning choices that would put a tub center stage in your bathroom design. Raise it onto a platform if you want extra height.  A bath caddy in natural wood or glamorous gold cocktail table with all your bathing essentials mean you can catch up on that book with a glass of wine and your favorite candle by your side.

freestanding tub and large shower design

Sleek and Smooth Lines Transform a Space.

You want your bath design to flow without interruption. There should be ease of movement between the tub, shower and toilet and you should be able to enter the room without having to negotiate any obstacles. Curved edges work practically and aesthetically, so incorporate them into your sink, vanity, shelving, tubs and shower enclosures for a soft, rounded feel conducive to a relaxing environment.

Why not place a screen around your freestanding bath for a cocooning effect? Floating vanities and sanitaryware make a design feel more spacious and airier as you’re opening up your floorspace. To keep cabinets streamlined, go for handleless, but if you prefer hardware then choose a contrasting, quality material for a strong, yet harmonious balance.  Enhance wood with brass or marble with matte black hardware. As long as the quality is the same, you won’t detract from the calm, luxe look of your bath design.

bathroom with wall mount vanity

Make Less Be More.

Paring down your design components really draws attention to the materials you are using. They should be sustainable and long lasting, where possible. Walls and floors are increasingly less likely to be covered in mosaic or subway tiles, as trends lean towards large, seamless slabs. These minimal, but luxe options can be made from materials such as marble, limestone, or concrete, depending on the look you want. The lack of grouting is a low-maintenance win, and the uninterrupted flow makes a bathroom design feel rooted and calm. Alternatively go for a very large format porcelain or ceramic tile to give a similar effect with minimal grout and maintenance needs.

When accessorizing, be selective and use well-crafted items designed with as much care as your new bathroom design components. If your remodel feels bare, introduce texture with rugs, upholstered seating, or drapes. Plants such as eucalyptus release camping scents that you can layer with candles or diffusers. By thinking carefully about what brings you joy, each addition will enhance the reflective quality of your bath remodel without creating needless clutter.

Effective storage, layered lighting, clean lines, and a focus on indulgence with quality materials make a sanctuary you will want to retreat to again and again. Explore our bathroom remodeling gallery for more design inspiration. Contact us today at Transitions to talk to a bath design expert and make your dream bath remodel a reality.