Do your kitchen cabinets need updating more than the rest of your kitchen design? Are you tired of the overall style of the room, and ready for a change? There’s no need to wait for an entire kitchen remodel, if your appliances, floor, and tile do not need to be replaced. Just updating your kitchen cabinets while maintaining other aspects of your design can offer you a fresh start.  Changing up your cabinet style offers an ideal opportunity to get an eclectic kitchen design that combines different, but complementary styles, in one space to achieve a one-of-a-kind look.

There is a move away from matchy-matchy kitchens to a more bespoke feel that brings out your personality and unique style. Changing your kitchen cabinets and choosing something in a different style to the rest of your kitchen design, is an ideal way to achieve a modern, eclectic look. The eclectic style throws the rulebook out the window, but make sure you carefully choose your product styles to show off your personality while still achieving a cohesive design. Read on to see how you can achieve an eclectic look for your kitchen design with new kitchen cabinets.


Choose a theme for your cabinets. Pick something distinct that you love and that will define your style, while also blending with the contrasting elements of your kitchen design.  For example, if you have industrial style hardware and light fixtures, try adding rustic kitchen cabinets for a contrasting, but complementary look.  This simple approach blending two styles will also make choosing accessories easier. Too much choice can be confusing!


Putting several colors together can be daunting but is one of the keys to an eclectic kitchen design. Color-blocking, where you pair opposite colors in the same space, also brings uniqueness to your kitchen design in a clever way.  Consider installing contrasting upper and lower kitchen cabinets or include a beverage bar with cabinetry in a vibrant color different to your main cabinetry. If you are concerned about colorful cabinets, paint your walls in vibrant tones and go for a unique cabinet style but in a neutral or white color scheme.


Texture is important in your eclectic kitchen design. This can be introduced to your cabinets in a variety of ways:

  • Add an interesting texture to your backsplash to offset the cabinetry. Try copper, glass or unusually shaped tiles. Exposed brickwork between the cabinets is also eye-catching.
  • There are all sorts of hardware available to compliment your cabinet doors and make them stand out from the rest of your kitchen design.
  • The material for your countertop can be smooth stone, quirky quartz, glittering granite, or warm wood. You can also mix and match different textures, like including a marble section for baking in a wooden countertop.
  • Don’t forget the items you put inside glass fronted cabinets should have interesting colors and textures.


Whatever color, texture and style you choose for your kitchen cabinets should differ from the design of your island. They should complement each other while being completely different so you’re really making a statement. Keep the island chairs the same style as the island though or your eclectic work zone will look messy.

Now is the right time to take the plunge and achieve an eclectic look for your kitchen design. Each kitchen and home is unique.  By sticking to some basic design rules, you can play with color and texture and throw in all the personality you like to make this bold look work in your kitchen design. Take a look through our gallery for the latest in kitchen cabinetry or call us today to shake up your kitchen without breaking the bank.