The kitchen is the hub of the home and tends to be the busiest space in the house.  Today’s kitchen serves a much wider purpose than just food storage and preparation, with most kitchen designs including space for dining, entertaining, or even homework or office space, often as part of an open plan design.  Kitchen styles have become more fluid to fit the style and personality of the home.  Color schemes, kitchen cabinets, lighting, and more are chosen to match or complement the rest of the home.

The island plays a central role in defining your kitchen style, while also separating work zones and the flow of traffic through the kitchen.  Islands come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, and can be customized to meet the individual needs of your household.

There are many benefits to including an island in your kitchen renovation:

Style Icon

The island naturally becomes a focal point in the kitchen, as it tends to be a central feature around which the rest of the kitchen functions.  Use it to set the tone for your kitchen style.  Whether your home is traditional, contemporary, or rustic farmhouse, there is an island to suit any design.  You could also create a point of visual interest by selecting cabinetry in a contrasting finish like this kitchen design in South Hanover, MA.   Consider using furniture style cabinetry for the island, giving it the look of a signature piece of furniture in a living space.  Cabinet hardware, countertop styles, and lighting over the island can all be chosen to integrate with the rest of the kitchen style or to stand out as a distinct feature.  Get creative and let your kitchen design specialist help you realize the space of your dreams!

Division of Labor

Kitchens are typically divided up into work zones based on functional areas such as food preparation, cooking, eating, and entertaining.  The island plays a central role as it provides an obvious delineation between different areas of the kitchen.  Position work space on one side close the cooking area, while family members or guests sit across the island to chat or eat.  Some kitchen remodeling projects even include more than one island or a larger multi-level island like the L-shaped island with a floating table below left or the T-shaped island shown below right.  These distinct work zones help kitchen life function smoothly and ensure you are not tripping over guests while preparing food!

Customize your Space

Storage and work space are of utmost importance in the kitchen, and the island offers an excellent way to better utilize your kitchen footprint.  Supplement your main cabinetry with island cabinets offering specialized storage and easy access to cooking essentials, dishes, or small appliances.  Add open storage in the island to display special items or to hold cookbooks.  An island takes the open area in the center of your kitchen and turns it into supplemental countertop space like the large island shown here.
No two households are the same, so consider what you require and customize your island to meet these needs.  Add a second sink, dishwasher, microwave, beverage refrigerator, or a recycling station to the island.  Install a specialized pet feeding area and storage for pet food so you never trip over pet bowls again.  If you are an avid baker, include a section of countertop better suited to rolling out pastry and incorporate specialized storage for a stand mixer and baking supplies.

A kitchen island is an excellent way to define your kitchen style while also providing practical storage, extra work space, and a place for casual dining and entertaining.  Think about the type of island you want and the extra features that will make your time in the kitchen easier and more enjoyable, then contact us today to learn more about island styles that meet your needs.