A bathroom remodel is full of practical considerations, from selecting products to designing an effective layout to equipping your space with enough storage.  Through the bathroom design process, you select the shower enclosure, faucets, toilet, tile, and other products that meet the needs of your home for that bathroom.

A bathroom design is much more than the sum of these parts.  All bathroom designs serve a very practical role in the home, but they are also an expression of style and personality. The details you add make the space your own by injecting personal tastes into the room, such as the color scheme, tile pattern, and sink shape. Textures also play a significant role in defining the style of a room.  They stimulate the senses and evoke emotions, like how a particularly soft toy brings comfort to a small child.

From wood to metal to textured tiles and much more, there are many ways that textures can integrate with and enhance a new bathroom.  Even natural or found materials like sea glass or river rocks can alter the texture of a bathroom wall or floor and therefore affect the overall style of the space.  You may want to include a textured material that is meaningful to you like reclaimed barn wood from a favorite region or locally sourced stone.  Think about the textures that will enhance the style of the room and boost your mood when getting ready in the morning.

Need a little inspiration to get you started?  Here are a few ideas on how to incorporate textures into a bathroom renovation.

This contemporary bathroom design is the perfect combination of sleek contemporary features and rustic accents.  The smooth finish of the cabinetry complements by the wood effect porcelain floor tile.   This is beautifully contrasted by the rustic finish of the sliding barn door.

Bathroom design with wood effect tile
Bathroom design with barn door
The bathroom remodel in Norwell, MA shown here features smooth surfaces and curved edges like the rounded vanity and countertop.  Mosaic tile details in the shower provide a contrasting color, pattern, and texture, and star shaped knobs are an eye-catching feature with a different texture to the vanity.  Wood ceiling beams define the appearance of this bathroom by bringing a rustic element to the otherwise contemporary design.
Bathroom design with wood beam ceiling
Bathroom design with large open shower
This bright white design features a glass shower enclosure and large window, with plenty of smooth surfaces and light flowing throughout the room.  Coastal beach glass offers both a contrasting color and texture in this bathroom design with crushed glass, glass mosaic, and glass accents throughout the room.
Bathroom design with coastal glass
Bathroom design with coastal glass
The materials carefully selected for each of these designs bring different textures together to create a unique space that evokes the style and personality of that household.  If you are planning a bathroom remodel, consider the design elements that go beyond the practical requirements of a renovation.  Look for the textures, as well as colors, patterns, and unique design features that will make the space one-of-a-kind.

An experienced bathroom design professional can help you find the best way to bring together the practical and style elements into a cohesive design.  Find more design inspiration in our project gallery or contact us today to get started on planning your remodel.