5 Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Your New Shower

In a busy bathroom, the shower tends to be a focal point and so should be given careful consideration when planning your remodel. Here are five mistakes to avoid when designing your new shower.

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Beverage Bar Ideas

Including a beverage bar in your kitchen remodel makes life easier whether you’re just having a coffee or entertaining. You can devote a small section of your countertop and cabinets or a fully equipped standalone beverage bar.

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Top Trends in Hardwood Flooring

It’s hard to beat hardwood flooring for warmth, durability and a timeless look. The finish can be changed over the years for a different feel and investing in hardwood floors always increases the value of your home. Let's learn about the latest trends including waterborne polyurethane.

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Kitchen Cabinet Lighting Solutions

Adding under- or in-cabinet lighting provides the ultimate warm atmosphere for any kitchen. This lighting also makes it easier to work on your countertops and illuminate anywhere from deep drawers to display cabinets.

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Design Your Entertainment Zones

Now is the perfect opportunity to plan a remodel focused on entertaining, whether that is a small family gathering or a big get together with friends. Get your entertainment zones right, and it will be perfect for keeping the immediate family amused if you are all spending more time at home together.

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Kitchen Design Ideas: Open vs Closed Storage

Storage is essential to a stylish, efficient, and highly functional kitchen design, but this does not mean that kitchen storage is one size fits all. Your design style, personal tastes, household and more will influence how much and what type of storage you need. One recent trend in kitchen remodeling is open storage, but is this type of storage right for you?

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Open vs. Closed Storage in Bath Design

Open storage is a growing trend in bath design. It works in any space and changes the look of your bathroom design depending on the type of shelving you choose. Here’s a run-down of both to help you decide whether open or close storage is the best choice for your bathroom design.

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Size Up Your Pantry Requirements

If you are planning a kitchen remodel, it’s well worth including a pantry. You don’t have to have an enormous space and it can be a separate room or integrated into your kitchen design. Read on to learn more!

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Make the Most of Your Bathroom Walls

The bathroom is a place where form should match function, as we spend so much time there. While your bath design should complement the overall style of your home, you can have fun with it as an independent space. What easier way to get creative than with wall space?

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Create a Home Office Design

Working from home is not without its challenges. Even if you already have an office, your partner or children might need a workspace, so repurposing or remodeling are the best solutions. Read on to see how to create the perfect home office space.

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