What you experience when you work with Transitions

The Transitions Experience. . . is like no other

Taking on complicated home improvement projects can be overwhelming. We have every detail covered from concept to completion. Your Transitions team includes a designer to guide you from start to finish, a project manager to estimate and oversee your project, and our experienced construction team to complete every detail.

Creating your vision is a process

After signing the contract:

  1. Materials are ordered and lead times confirmed
  2. Commencement date is scheduled based on material lead times
  3. Work scheduled is sent to client for approval.
  4. Permits are pulled.
  5. Access, keys, dumpster placement, space preparation and any concerns are discussed.
  6. Work commences

What to expect while transitions is working in your home:

  1. Your Transitions Project Manager will meet you at your home the morning we start and review the scope of work with the demo crew. The crew will section off the work area and tarp a path to exit the home. The dumpster will be placed on plywood blocks to protect your driveway. We’ll make sure the space and your home will be clean at the end of the day.
  2. As work continues, the work-space will be kept clean and organized. Dust protection and tarps will be used cover floors and section off the work area from the rest of your home.
  3. Transitions will need access to the home during normal business hours. Your Transitions Project Manager needs to be able to stop in to check work, meet inspectors, review work with the plumber, electrician, etc. Many of these items cannot be scheduled in advance and require a key to be placed in a lock box for access. We will call, text or email prior, if desired, but need to be allowed to work when needed.
  4. Transitions will work to keep the project on schedule. We try to work in your home each day, but we may have a day or two in between where no one is working at your home. It is difficult to estimate exactly how long each phase of a project will take and we build in an extra day or two to allow for delays.
  5. Punch Lists and Change Orders: Lists and Changes are best handled by email so we have written documentation. The Project Manager is available to meet with you and review any questions or concerns and is accessible by email and cell phone. Weekly meetings are encouraged but emailed lists are adequate for good communication. Please reach out if anything appears to be different from your expectation so it can be addressed in a timely fashion.
  6. While most clients are eager to start their remodeling project right away. We find that a detailed design and material selection gets us to the finish line faster and with a much better end result. We eliminate the guess work and create a detailed installation packet containing the detailed designs, install notes, pictures and specs of all materials. Materials are ordered and lead times considered prior to scheduling the start date of your project. For example, if your cabinets take 6 weeks to come in and we have 3 weeks worth of prep (demo, framing, rough plumbing, electrical, plaster and flooring) that needs to be done prior, we can start 3 weeks from now.
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