5 Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Your New Shower

In a busy bathroom, the shower tends to be a focal point and so should be given careful consideration when planning your remodel. Here are five mistakes to avoid when designing your new shower.

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Why Choose an Open Shower Design?

No longer relegated to a small cubicle in the corner or a showerhead installed inside a bathtub enclosure, today’s shower can be as small or large as you are able to fit into your bathroom layout. The shower can be in a private, walled enclosure, combined with a bathtub, or surrounded by frameless glass to give an open, bright feel. Your shower could have a curtain, a sliding door, or a hinged glass door. Or, you could opt for an open shower design, removing the door altogether. Read on to find out more about open shower styles.

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Bathrooms Designed for Two

When planning a new bathroom design, the first step is to think about who uses it. Are you one of the lucky few who has this room to themselves or is there at least one other person sharing with you? In order to co-exist peacefully in a master, family or hall bathroom there is some essential planning to be done at the design stage.

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